CASA Artic App Reviews

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I wanted to buy the full version but...

The volume seems too low. I had my phone volume all the way up, I still had difficulty hearing the targets. Otherwise, this seems like a great resource for SLPs working with Spanish-speaking clients. I love the fact there are phrase and sentence levels in addition to words. If the volume issue is resolved, I'd purchase the full version.

Not working properly after iOS update

The recording feature doesn't work after the latest iOS update. Students can no longer record themselves practicing the words. This was the feature my students liked the most. I don't use the app anymore. A shame they haven't fixed that.

Great buy

I had a little trouble with the initial download. But, the restore button corrected my problem. I also took a look at the FAQ on the website and that was useful. I have not had any trouble since then. The app has many great features - good audio, lots of sounds per letter, and the recording allows for good practice.

Awesome app!

I love this app. More importantly, children really like this app - particularly the animations. It has many target words for each sound. The Spanish isn't robotic like most other Spanish apps. Students can be targeted at their level and data can be emailed to their parents. This really helps parents see progress.


Great app! Easy to use and great pictures!

Buyer Beware

I am a bilingual speech language pathologist. I purchased this app for $39.99, I was billed for it, my bank statement shows that I purchased it, but it is telling me I need to purchase it again. There is no customer support from this company. Unless they resolve these issues, this app is a complete waste of money. DO NOT BUY THIS APP. When it was working, this app had limited flexibility and there is a better Spanish Artic app available that is cheaper. I'm glad I wasted my money and got no where trying to call the company for support.

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